A Smiling Face Always Greets You at Durand Senior Care & Rehab Center

Durand Senior Care & Rehab Center does a fantastic job rehabilitating patients! There are countless “success” stories every month, with residents leaving our community even stronger then they were when they came to us! We would like to recognize a great resident who has come very far in his rehabilitation- Doug Perry. He is an inspiring resident who has done a tremendous job with rehabilitation. He also has a continual smiling face which greets all staff, visitors, and fellow residents.

Mr. Perry, or as he prefers, “Doug” is 54 years old. When he came to rehab at Durand, he was unable to walk and was recovering from some significant debilitating medical issues. It was stressful for a man who has a passion for hunting and being outdoors. Through rigorous rehab and training Doug was able to go out on a hunting trip this past fall with his family! Now that the weather is nicer, he is always in the lobby or on the patio enjoying the weather.

Every day Doug makes a point to go out of his way to deliver the newspapers to the residents. His dedication is truly appreciated by all! He says he loves the “clean, comfortable atmosphere, and friendly staff,” at Durand. Doug is an inspiration at Durand Senior Care & Rehab Center, always cracking a joke and making everyone smile. That is the best medicine for all of us!

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